The Testimony of Hershell Harrison

Growing up in Jamaica I would only go to church at certain times of the year, such as Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve. Even though I knew better I would use excuses like I am not ready yet, or I have a lot of time because GOD is not coming tomorrow. As a Jamaican living in the U. S is always on the top of my list. That comes thru in May of 2006 when I move to the beautiful city of West Palm Beach in Florida. While I was living in Palm Beach GOD was always on my mind, but all the other distractions was rite in front of me as well. A couple of my childhood friends that I grow up with were only living in Ft Lauderdale which was perfect for me. The immodesty and immorality that was all over the city,
I thought was a dream come true.

Living for myself was easy, I have money and friends who just want to party and have fun without any attachments (which was perfect for me). Living a life style like that makes you use people. You treat people like disposable materials without the knowledge of knowing that you are doing so sometimes.

In February of 2007 I find out I was going to Vegas, or so I thought. Now at that time all I knew about Vegas was what I saw in the movies. That sends a shock wave through my head (metaphorically speaking). All I could think of is how much money I am going to make and how many girls I will meet. When I arrived in Vegas and get in the shuttle bus to my despair the shuttle kept driving through Vegas and did not stop until it gets to Laughlin.

My first day in Laughlin was so hot I thought to myself , this is where the devil comes to take vacation. One day I was sitting in my apartment (in Laughlin) with my front door open, and a man who live in the apartment next door was walking by. He stopped and introduced himself and ask if he could come in. So, I invited him in and we started to chat. At the end of the conversation he invited me to church with him and I accept his invitation. However I did not go to church with him until a couple of months on a Wednesday during a revival. I did not formally answer the alter call when it was first given, until a certain man came up behind me and ask if i wanted to accept JESUS in my life. I told him yes and we went to the alter and prayed. At that time i only did it because of the way he ask me. But on my way home something happen to me and totally change my perspective of GOD and the way i was living my life selfishly! I have An Encounter with the LORD.........Thank you!