Jimmy Lee

 The Testimony of Jimmy Lee

Hello, my name is James Lee. I never attended any Church growing up and knew nothing about God. Movies were my influence about Jesus Christ and the devil. So seeing movies: “The Exorcist” and “Moses”, was all that I knew.

I was told as I grew up to make my own decisions. So, I was 34 when I heard about Jesus, salvation and how to be saved and make heaven my home. This was all new to me. There are things in my life I have done, that I will not talk about or bring it up in conversations. I will say I had an immoral and violent life style: Drugs, alcohol, any other things.

When I gave my life to Christ and was told how he forgives me for all the things I did and God will not remember those things I did. God also restored my marriage (Being divorce and now remarried to my wife). You can’t ask for anything better than that.
God has blessed my wife and me with owning a home and vehicles. No more running from the law and looking over my shoulder or being in jail. I have been able to pray with my father to be saved.