Tom Herline

 The Testimony of Tom Herline

H ello, my name is Tom Herline. I was born and raised in the Potters House church in Bullhead City. At a young age my dad went into the ministry to be a pastor. I was raised with the knowledge of what was right and what was wrong. I had personally seen the effects of sin in people's lives and how it destroyed their life. I didn't want my life to be destroyed by sin I knew I needed Jesus. I knew that I couldn't live off of my parents’ salvation and I needed Christ's forgiveness for my sins.

I made a decision right before I started my freshman year of high school to truly accept Christ into my heart and he forgave me of my sin. On top of that he gave me true happiness. I didn't have to search for happiness in material things like drugs alcohol or relationships because Jesus is the source for true happiness. I am now 20 years old and without Jesus Christ my life would be totally different. Jesus Christ has blessed my life and I thank him for that.